We are looking for great ideas for new artworks, Pictures, patterns, or words. Designs that are family friendly and non-political. We are especially open to ideas that tell a story or connect with the community.
Please fill in the online form below. If you need assistance or a paper copy please contact us at

Artist Application Form

    Artist statement


    We love to support exciting ideas that expand the cultural landscape and artistic identity of this town. We are open to ideas that are non-political and family friendly. Sometimes there are opportunities to paint walls to a specific brief. This involves working together with the wall owner and coming up with a design proposal to suit their needs.

    All designs must be approved by the wall owner before painting commences.



    If you are interested in painting a specific wall that you have identified please provide information below, if you leave this section blank we will do our best to match you with suitable walls that become available.

    Proposed location

    What makes a suitable mural location?
    If you can answer yes to the following questions you have a potential mural wall;
    Is the wall relatively clean and free from cracks, leaks and visible water damage?
    Is the wall rendered, painted or made of concrete blocks ?
    (we do not accept red brick walls or listed buildings)
    Is the wall visible from a public location; ie park, pavement or road?

    We are unable to add potential mural sites to our database without approval from the property owner.
    Sometimes we may be able to help in acquiring approval.

    Address of proposed mural site

    Approximate size of wall/wall