Wall Applications

You’ve got a great wall and you want to beautify your neighbourhood?
Please fill in this online form and we will include your location in our database of potential mural sites. We will then try to match your wall with a suitable artist and sponsor.
Please fill in the online form below. If you need assistance or a paper copy please contact us at hello@glastonburymuraltrail.co.uk

Wall Application Form

    Are you an individual or part of an organisation?

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    We love to support exciting ideas that expand the cultural landscape and artistic identity of this town. If you have a specific idea we can ask artists to submit designs to your brief. This involves the artists working together with you to come up with a design proposal. Artists also often have their own ideas and designs that can be adapted for your wall. Please specify your preference;

    Are you able to contribute towards artist expenses for this wall?

    Do you wish to Sponsor this mural? (minimum £100)

    If you have your own ideas or preferences for style or subject matter please describe them here:

    All designs must be approved by the wall owner before commencing any work.

    The Wall

    What makes a suitable mural location?
    • If you can answer yes to the following questions you have a potential mural wall;
    • Is the wall relatively clean and free from cracks, leaks and visible water damage?
    • Is the wall rendered, painted or made of concrete blocks?
    (we do not accept red brick walls or listed buildings)
    • Is the wall visible from a public location; ie park, pavement or road?

    Do you own the wall or have permission from the wall owner for a mural at the location?*

    We are unable to add potential mural sites to our database without approval from the property owner.

    Approximate size of wall/wall dimensions*

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    Upload images - picture of whole wall close up, view of wall from across the street*

    Are you the property owner?

    If not please provide name and contact details of property owner

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